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ADTOOL Corporation

Adtool is a distributor of electronic assembly products and manufacturer's representative of electronic assembly equipment specializing in lead free & eutectic soldering, inspection, screen printers and reflow ovens.

For over 65 Years ADTOOL has supplied the electronic industry with Tools, Supplies and related products. We pride ourselves in providing the very best services possible. Our highly knowledgeable staff is always ready to work with you in every way. The cross reference library we have compiled over the years is the largest in Canada.

We are an authorized distributor of each product line we carry.  We feel this is extremley important to provide you with the best service and support possible.

We have designed the site not only for e-commerce but as a library of information to help our customers and future customers in electronic assembly and repair.  We have some unique solutions to lead free assemblies that will not only increase quality but save time and money.  Additionally, our static products are of high quality and are extremley competitive prices. 

ADTOOL's Quality Policy ISO 9003 is an integrated part of our commitment to customer service. Our quality is defined as follows:

ADTOOL Corporation shall always meet the highest quality standards based on continuous improvement in our service and products provided to our customers.

As a corporation ADTOOL strives to conduct its operations with both its customers and suppliers in a manner consistent with ISO 9003 requirements. In order to achieve our quality policy, our objectives shall be achieved :

In our approach to our customers :
. by determining their real needs.
. by supplying them the required products with realistic delivery dates.
. by always providing them with quality services and products.

In our approach to our employees :
. by providing a high quality working environment.
. by providing orientation towards excellence in their job function.
. by never forgetting our customers orientation.

In our approach to our suppliers :
. to develop excellent relationships with suppliers.
. by having their commitment to communicating accurate information to us.
. by having their commitment to provide us with quality products and service.

We shall achieve our quality objectives when we can consistently provide a standard of Quality service and products to our customers that exceed their expectations.

Questions?  Please contact us or see our help section.





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