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Updated Health Information on Solder and Adhesive Fumes
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Below are our the equipment lines that we represent in Canada.  Please contact us for further details or a quotation.  The links will lead you directly to our supplier's web site or will open a new page or pdf with further information.

Selective Soldering
Spark 100
  • Inline selective soldering
  • Profiled solder joints
  • Uses standard solder wire
  • Change over to lead free in minutes
Inline Cleaners
Batch Cleaners
TREK/ Stoelting
New prod MB Tech New prod

Batch - Inline and semi-aqueous cleaners

  • Liquid Lock reduces chemistry losses
  • Drying up to 220 degrees
  • Plastic or Stainless Steel construction
  • Ionic contamination testers
  • Vapor & Ultrasonic degreasers
  • No waiting for cleaning cycles.
  • PCB's - Parts - Wafers
  • Aquious or saponifier based cleaning.
  • Fully programmable.
  • Closed loop filtration.
  • Uses very little chemistry
  • Great ROI!
More Electronic Cleaning Solutions Here  
Cleaning Solutions
SMT Placement
  • Featuring MPC based technology for closed loop 0 discharge cleaning.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • PCB, Reflow and wave defluxing.
  • HMIS ratings of 0-0-0
  • Manual, batch & inline solutions
  • Up to 95,000 CPH
  • Direct drive technology
  • Line sensor
  • High speed and multifunctional placement
  • 200 feeder count
BGA Inspection   Pulse Bonders & Depaneling
Easy Braid   Fancort
  • Inspection of BGA's, Flip chips & CSP's
  • Down to 2 mil
  • Easy to use
  • Great inspection system
  • Flex circuit pulse bonders
  • Tab depaneling
  • V groove depaneling
  • Lead forming
  • Table top selective soldering
BGA Inspection InformationPDF
BGA Rework
Stencil Cleaners
New prod MB Tech New prod
  • BGA & QFP rework systems
  • Fume extraction systems
  • Soldering and rework systems
  • Ultrasonic stencil & parts cleaner for pastes, fluxes & chipbonders.
  • Solder trap & onboard filtration extends bath life.
  • Closed loop
More Information
Pressfit & Depaneling
SMT Selective Soldering
Tyco Beamworks

ASG Servo Electric Press

  • Spark 400: Dispense – Place – Laser solder of SMT components.
  • Mass rework & prototyping or 0402 – BGA – CSP – QFP – Flip Chip
  • SPC Feedback
  • Semi-automatic to complete inline systems
WAND Depaneling
  • Routers
  • Press singulation
Cleaning & Degreasing
Wire Processing
“Airless System” Solvent Degreasing
Vapor HF & similar processes
Reduce emissions & waste costs!
A complete line of wire processing, marking and termination machines.
Wave Soldering
Solder Paste Testing & Mixing Equipment

The Ultimate in Wave Soldering

  • Full lead free operation
  • Electro Magnetic Pumps
  • Easy Change Over for Dual alloys
  • Solder paste mixers
  • Wetting balance testers
  • Viscometere
  • Print inspection
  • Solder impurity testers
    and much more
Pre-Owned Equipment  
  • Refurbished systems
  • Reflow ovens
  • Cleaners & flux pre-treatment systems
  • Wave Soldering Systems
  • Lead free wave kits (new)
  • Automatic Screen Printers
  • Semi-Automatic Screen Printers
  • SMT placers

We have many pre-owned automatic and semi-automatic screen printers availabe including DEK & MPM. 

Sept 2007:  Newly arrived Panasonics


Contact us for an updated list and your requirements!
10 Ronald drive, Montreal, QC
25 Valleywood drive, Markham, ON

(514) 482-2548



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