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Anti-Erosion Flux Cored Solder Wire

Newly developed flux systems that combine both high-softening point resins and heat-resistant activators successfully realize excellent solderability with minimal flux spattering.

S3X-56M and S03X7C-56M have proven to excellent permance not only with SnAg based lead free alloys, but also SnAgBiCu and SnZnBi.

If you answer “YES” to any of the following Lead free issues, you must try Koki's lead free solder wire:

Are you currently assembling Lead Free products?
Are you are going through twice as many (or more) soldering tips than before?
Have you found that tips are turning black?
Are you getting poor wetting when hand soldering?
Are you cleaning the sites more often due to flux splatter?
Are you using more flux when hand soldering?
Are you seeing lower solder joint strengths after rework?
Are you seeing an increase in spiking or flagging of the joints?
Would you like to solve these lead free issues?

Koki Solder Wire Features:

  • Maintains tip life stable
  • Reduces dramatically flux spatter
  • Flows like leaded solder (really!)
  • Less "Spiking"
  • Easily solder fine copper wire

Comparison of the performance of Koki solder wire to others. pdf

You can buy online or request a free sample to see for yourself here.

Download PDF Files:

Product Alloy composition
(melting point)
S3X-56M pdf Sn3Ag0.5Cu (217~218°C) General purposes
S03X7Ca-56M PDF Sn0.3Ag0.7Cu0.03Co+a (217~227°C) High performance Anti-erosion solder wire
S03X7C-56M PDF  Sn0.3Ag0.7Cu0.03Co (217~227°C) General purposes
Anti-erosion of iron bit

Lead Free Solder Paste:

Koki offers range of high performance lead-free solder pastes with high purity non-oxidized solder powders.

Specially developed high temperature resistant no-clean flux systems ensure as high soldering quality as conventional lead containing solder pastes realizing excellent fine pitch and micro components printability, and powerful solderability even in air reflow.

Product Alloy composition
(melting point)
S3X48-M406-5 seriespdf

Sn3Ag0.5Cu (217~218°C)

- Optional selections -

Sn3.5Ag (221°C)
Sn3.5Ag0.7Cu (218°C)
Sn3.8Ag0.7Cu (217~218°C)
Sn3.5AgCu0.5Sb0.2 (217~218°C)

Anti-pillow defect
S3X58-M406-3 seriespdf General purposes
S3X58-M406 series pdf General purposes
Low voiding
S3X58-M650-3 pdf Pin testable - Low voiding
S3X58-N200E pdf Crack-free flux residue
S3X70-M407-4pdf Super fine particle
(10 - 25 ¦Ìm)
S3X58-M406Dpdf Dispensing
SB6N58-A730-3pdf Sn3.5Ag0.5Bi6In
(202 ~211°C)
Low melting point
TB48-M741pdf Sn42.0Bi58.0
(138 (eutectic)°C)
Low melting point
Koki Tacky Flux pdf - Available as 406 series flux

Package on Package Solutions (PoP):
Package on Package Application Details pdf

Please contact us for further details on Koki's package on package products

Halogen Free Solder Pastes

Recent increasing consciousness about ecology on a global scale has started considerations for the restriction of certain elements within soldering materials used within the electronics industry.
Ever since it’s been reported that dioxins can be generated when specific kinds of halide are combusted, there have been moves afoot to eliminate halogens from soldering materials.
Koki’s research and development team have been working on this “halogen free” issue for many years, and offers true “halogen free” solder pastes.

Halogen Free
Substance Permissible limit (by weight)
Bromine (Br) 900ppm
Chlorine (Cl) 900ppm
Total concentration of Cl + Br 1500ppm

Download PDF File:

Product type Product Alloy composition
(melting point)
Application Pdf
No-clean solder paste S3X48-M410A PDF

(217 - 218 C)

General purpose
S3X48-M650-3 PDF Low voiding
ICT testable


Koki Chipbondersnew productChipbonder

Introducing Our New Chipbonders from KOKI: JU-45P and JU-110

  • All the characteristics of other chipbonder products.
  • SMT adhesive designed for dispensing or printing.
  • Ensures excellent high dot profile in dispensing.
  • Secures superior heat slump resistance in the curing process.
  • Safe for transport by air, truck or boat saving you money. DOES NOT CONTAIN substances restricted by Transport of Dangerous Goods (UN3077 & UN 3082) of environmental hazardous substances resulting in tremendous savings
  • Contact for further details.

Video Library

We have numerous other documents and videos in our library too large to download.  Please contact us to recieve a free CD of these.   Included in your CD will be some amazing videos of:


Video comparing thermally stable fluxes for lead free reflow.

-How voiding occurs.
-How pillowing occurs.
-How pin holes can occur with intrusive reflow

Click on the image to view. Size:2.3 MB

Type: *.WMV

Koki Videos

Coming Soon

  • Voids being formed.
  • Pillow defect occuring.
  • BGA shorts being formed.
  • Tombstoning occuring.
  • Hot slumping occuring.
  • LGA's and QFN's defect simulations.
  • Dendrite growth simulation

penny test

Video comparing Koki lead free solder wire (S03X7C-56M) to other wires on the market.

Click on the image to view. Size: 2.78 MB

Type: *.WMV

Articles and Guilds

Solder Paste Handling Guildlines: Click here to openpdf

We have numerous other documents and videos in our library.  Please contact us to recieve a free CD of these.

MSDS Information:

406, 406-3 and 406L-3 Solder Paste pdf

S3X-56M Solder Wire pdf

Contact us for other details and MSDS information.for further information!


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